Living March 31, 2020

Recommendations for Stay-At-Home Reading

At Windermere Utah, we have found that our lives have been turned a bit upside-down over the last month.

Our offices are now closed, leaving us all working from home and adapting to our new normal of distancing and staying at home, only going our in public for the essentials when necessary.

We continue to serve you and your real estate needs from our home offices, using virtual technology to allow you to tour homes, complete consultations, and even close on your home remotely.

We understand that staying inside is challenging both physically and mentally. To help keep all of our spirits up, we wanted to share some good finds for your reading pleasure. Some may be helpful, informative, and some will be something to help us feel good.



  • An interview with Lynn Johnson, a photographer very close to Fred Rogers, featuring some wonderful photos of the man so many of us aspire to be more like.









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