Community Utah Soaring to New Heights with Updated Salt Lake International Airport At 5 a.m. on September 15th, 2020, the early morning silence was broken by the sound of cheers and jet engines. This was the day of the grand opening of the brand new, $4.1 billion Salt Lake City International Airport. This marks a new chapter of travel for those coming and going to the Salt […]
Community What is Pioneer Day? For new Utahns, there is one day of the year that may be a bit confusing and overwhelming because people take to the streets and everything else shuts down with no explanation. That day is coming up soon. It’s July 24th, better known as “Pioneer Day.” The day is full of celebrations that are deep-seated […]
Community Women’s History Month 2020 For 33 years, we have had the privilege of celebrating history’s powerhouse female figures, as a nation, every March. That’s because Congress passed Public Law 100-9 in 1987, not only  designating March as “Women’s History Month,” but also solidifying a fact that we have known for a very long time: women’s accomplishments change the world […]
Community Black History Month in Salt Lake City As we should all be aware, February marks an exceptionally important time of remembrance: Black History Month. While Utah might not seem like it has a wealth of ties to famous African American inventors, leaders and historical figures, there is more than one way to celebrate in Salt Lake City. Here are some of our […]
Community Will There Be A Recession in 2020? Here’s Matthew Gardner’s Outlook Windermere Chief Economist, Matthew Gardner, answers the most pressing question on everyone’s minds: Will there be a recession in 2020? Here’s what he expects to see. At Windermere Utah, we are proud to keep you up-to-date on the latest news, events, and listings. Be sure to keep checking back in here at the blog, and […]
Community Welcoming Ski Season 2019: A Guide to the Slopes of Utah Ski season in Utah is an experience unlike any other. The planners of the 2002 Winter Olympics knew it, and we at Windermere Utah know it, too. And, when it comes to choosing where you want to go for your winter adventures, avid skiers, mountain enthusiasts, and snowboarders aren’t without options. We put together this […]
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