Living August 12, 2020

Easy Ways to Improve Curb Appeal

First impressions are always a big deal, whether it’s a job interview, a first date, or even a home that you are looking to buy. The exterior of a home is the first thing that a buyer sees when looking at your home. Here are a few easy ways that you can improve your home’s curb appeal. 


1. Clean your Sidewalks and other hardscape areas


No one wants to drive up to a home that doesn’t look well maintained. One of the quickest and easiest ways to instantly improve curb appeal is to clean your hardscapes and sidewalks. 

You can accomplish this by sweeping up any branches, leaves, feathers, dog hair, and such things that have made their way onto your decks and sidewalks. You can also take a further step to scrub hardscapes with a brush, soap, and warm water–This is the best way to deal with stains. Power washing is not advised for many hardscape materials, as it can often damage pavers, but it can be useful for some decks. Be cautious when using this method. 


2. Power wash your exterior


A clean and polished exterior is necessary for your home to make the best first impression possible. 

Power washing is a quick and satisfying way to get your home exterior cleaned up, but make sure that you’re only power washing the materials on your home that cannot be seriously damaged, like any electrical elements, wood siding, old mortar, windows, etc. 

Here are some tips to use pressure washer safely


3. Try out a new color palette


If your home exterior looks like its stuck in the 1970s, your home may not make the top of the list for curb appeal. Freshen up your exterior with a fresh coat of paint. 

Here are some top classic home exterior color palette options

  • White, Grey, and Red (1122 E Harvard Ave., Salt Lake City, Utah)

  • Mocha (1973 W Gray Hawk Cir., St. George, Utah)

  • Beige and Brown (169 E Hollybrook Cv. Draper, Utah) 


Find more inviting color palettes here


4. Get your lawn healthy


Here are a few ways to help you get your lawn to be the healthiest lawn on the block, drawing all eyes to your curb. 

  • Aerate your lawn to help break up compacted soil. 
  • Water your lawn deeply and less often. 
  • Use natural lawn fertilizers. 
  • Cut your grass to the right height–different species of grass need different cutting heights. 


5. Add flowers or flower boxes


Flowers and flower boxes add color and visual interest to your home and when done well, give you a huge curb appeal boost.

Keep things colorful and eye-catching, and vary the heights of your plants. If you are using flower boxes, keep the theory of “thrillers” (tall, statement plants and flowers), “spillers” (plants that spill over the edge of flower boxes or pots if that is more your style), and “fillers” (surface area plants that fill in the gaps). 


6. Plant Trees


With a similar theory to adding flowers, trees add additional landscaping elements to your curb appeal, and add shaded areas perfect for relaxing on a hot summer day. 


7. Add outdoor lighting


One of the best ways to make sure you have some serious curb appeal is to make sure your home can be seen no matter the time of the day! Make sure you have some porch lights and light your walkway with some simple solar light fixtures, which are affordable and easy to install. 


8. Upgrade your mailbox


Even the most appealing houses can be brought down by a dingy mailbox. Make sure yours doesn’t have any signs of rust or damage. 


9. Coordinate your hardware


Small details can make a huge impact. Even if your potential buyers don’t notice explicitly, matching hardware will give your home a nice, well-put-together appearance. 

Match your metals for your doorknobs, locksets, porch lights and address numbers. If you don’t have address numbers, get them! Make sure that your numbers are easy to see and make a serious decor statement. 


10. Add outdoor furniture to your front porch


If you are lucky enough to have a front porch, make sure that it is inviting and appears just as livable as the inside for maximum effect. 

Keep to a simple bench and throw pillow for small porches, or if you have a larger porch, add a dining set, or an outdoor couch and coffee table to complete the look.


No matter how you choose to improve your home’s exterior, keep in mind that the best way to improve curb appeal is to make it as attractive as can be. Take a careful look around to determine what improvements you believe need to be made, and ask your local Windermere Real Estate agent for their expertise on the kinds of improvements that are getting homes sold faster in your area. 


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Park City April 8, 2020

Park City Local Restaurants to Support

Just because we’re now eating from home, that doesn’t mean you have to get food from there. Everyone has those days when they have no desire to cook, even when we’re facing Stay-At-Home orders across the state. Luckily many of our favorite restaurants are remaining open for carry-out or delivery service.

Ordering delivery and carry-out service is safe, as long as you follow proper precautions. There is no evidence that suggests food or food packaging being associated with COVID-19. To take extra precautions, you can wipe down food packaging, put the food on your own plate, and wash your hands thoroughly before eating to minimize risk.

Supporting these restaurants will also help these locally run and owned businesses remain open long after the COVID-19 pandemic has passed.

Take a look at some of these local favorites:

Hearth and Hill

Hearth and Hill is a family-run restaurant serving modern American and globally-inspired dishes for lunch and dinner. They have both vegan and gluten free options.

They are open for curbside takeout. You can take a look at their menu and order online on their website.


Five5eeds is run by a husband and wife team offering Australian-inspired modern American fare. They serve breakfast and lunch options for curbside takeout and delivery.

Take a look at their menu and order online on their website.

Riverhorse on Main

Riverhorse on Main is an essential for many Park City locals and visitors. Serving eclectic American fare for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Take out and delivery orders are available on their website and can be picked up from their sister location, Riverhorse Provisions.

Freshies Lobster Co.

Freshies offers lobster and other seafood fare from their food truck and brick and mortar locations.

Freshies is open for takeout and delivery. Find out more details on their website.

Cortona Italian Cafe

Cortona Italian Cafe was inspired by the flavors form the town of Cortona in Tuscany. Now they bring authentic Italian cuisine to Park City.

Cortona is open for curbside takeout their menu and other updates on their service can be found on their website.

501 on Main

501 on Main serves American fare with vegetarian and vegan options available.

They are open for curbside takeout with a limited menu. Call or email to place orders. Their current menu can be found on their website.

Bangkok Thai

Bangkok Thai on Main serves classic Thai spiced-to-order dishes.

They are open for curbside takeout service. You can take a look at their menu online, then give them a call to order.


11Houz is a family-owned restaurant serving authentic Jamaican dishes.

11Houz is open for curbside pickup from online and phone orders. You can review their menu and order here.

Element Kitchen & Bakery

Element Kitchen & Bakery provides tasty organic meals with options to meet any dietary restriction needs.

Element Kitchen and Bakery is open for grab-and-go items at their cafe location and  you can order curbside takeout. Review their menu online and place your order by calling.


Nosh is an a restaurant bound and determined to develop the perfect Falafel. They serve Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine.

Nosh is open for curbside takeout service. You can review their menu and order from their website.


There are many more local restaurants that could use your support during these difficult times. If you are able, try delivery or curbside takeout from one of these options, or some of your other local favorites.

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